Immaculate Cookies

by Nick Craine

Every once in a while a piece of graphic design or illustration jumps out at you and stops you in your tracks.

In the small Spanish town of Ronda, there are a group of nuns in a convent who have been baking and selling the same recipes since 1662. The above image comes from a bag of their flat eccle cookies that were to die-and-go-to-heaven for. My wife, son and I ate them until our stomachs ached.

The nuns sold the goods through a revolving door at the side of the church. You could not see the sisters. You had to put your money on a lazy Suzan and spin it so the money side faced into the convent. A few moments of garbled spanish later, the platform would come back with the cookies on it. I’m thinking of the Jesus-whipping-the-market-people is the reason for this wonderfully concealed exchange.

The Latin in the design loosely translates to, “I have been very zealous for the Lord God”.

I love that the hand is holding a sword that morphs into some sort of grain.