Wailing Wall

by Nick Craine

Last weekend I was lucky enough to get an invite to a crazy, live, Nuit Blanche drawing night. Ryan Cassidy brought together a wack of  talent in his new studio to create a 4′ x 16′ black and white smorgasbord jam. This all-night event was in tandem with the renown Guelph Jazz Festival. Of course, being illustrators, therefore, being used to all-nighters, we were able to densely fill the masonite board well before 2 am. Guelph musician, Taylor Moran was there to provide the apt soundtrack to the apocalyptic drawing fever. I was so delighted to meet up with my old friend, Marc Bell who was also drawing. I haven’t seen Marc for 21 years! My other talented collaborators included, genius Gillian Wilson, hotshot Michael Byers, renaissance man Greg Pepper, gentleman Rob Tustall, master of tone Scott Mooney and my old friend and pop master, Jay Stephens. Marc and I looked at each other at the finish and thought, ‘That’s a great warm up. Let’s take down the piece and go again”. Lots and lots of fun! Thanks Ryan.