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New Hard Core Logo!

HCL Cover Preview.jpgComing next May from House of Anansi Press complete with an ebook, new music and a new introduction by Lynn Crosbie.


Kickin’ Back


This for the good folks at Wellington Brewery in Guelph. Thanks for the gig Brad McInerney!

Strange Fruit

Strange Fruit

The more things change . . .

An American Response

Hebdo Poster

After reading Adam Gopnik’s excellent essay in Jan 19’s New Yorker, I tried to imagine how the Americans might leverage the ‘public piety’ had there been a ‘Charlie Hebdo’ on US soil. It’s in sharp contrast to the Hebdo’s near unimaginable forgiveness response. That speaks volumes to a nations identity.

Coolest Vehicle Wrap Ever

IMG_00001657_hdr IMG_00001660_hdr IMG_00001658_hdr

Last year I worked with my good friend, Uli to create his custom Mercy vehicle wrap. A fantastic challenge with a wicked result. For more on his business of master carpentry click HERE

Cam Guthrie Drawn Letter

    Cam Guthrie’s new pursuit…

Internal Life

Canadian Running

For my friend, Dianne Kapral at Canadian Running Magazine. All about visualization in the moments pre-race.

What’s in a Label?

Joe Flesh

Latest New Yorker Submission


Pacific Rim Sequel


Guys like me shouldn’t have Photoshop.